The Adventure Zone Fan Meet

10th August 2017

The Adventure Zone is a D&D podcast hosted on the MaxFun Podcast Network by the McElroy Brothers, three men with a ridiculously large back-catalogue of Really Good podcasts and other assorted media.  The Adventure Zone started as those brothers and their Dad doing some goofs, and though three years on the goofs are certainly still omnipresent, they’re now alongside one of the most intricately weaved, emotionally charged and lovable stories the web has ever produced.  Its fan base is primarily based in the US, but it certainly gets love from the UK, as well!

With the finale coming up very, very soon, I helped gather together a group of fans to celebrate the joy we get from listening to TAZ, and to discuss lots of McElroy goofs and D&D stories.  Turns out, McElroy fans?  Good dudes!  An attendee helped secure an illustrious function room located at Thai Silk in Southwark, where we gathered and listened to the TAZ soundtrack, watched many-an animatic, tried to predict who’s going to die in the finale (sob), found an actual, honest-to-god excuse to play the McElroy Moniker pack, ate brownies and indulged in the recently released TAZ fan film not once, but twice.  Here’s to many more – and here’s to the McElroys making it to the UK, someday. /wistful sigh


Some Interesting Things We Discovered

  • The McElroy fans demographic is widely made up (if this room of people is the average we’re going on!) of mid-20s to 30’s
  • EVERYONE loves Angus McDonald!
  • Most TAZ fans got here through My Brother My Brother and Me (a longstanding podcast by the McElroys)
  • The Eleventh Hour is a really popular arc, but it’s very difficult to choose a favourite!
  • Most TAZ fans have participated in D&D in some capacity, be it pre or post listening to TAZ