Who are you, exactly?

Good question!  We’re a group of dedicated fans (see the ‘meet the team’ section below!) who all met through various different fan events.  It was our love of those events that drove us to create one for ourselves!  We love the SPNFamily, fanbase and everything that comes with them, and we want to celebrate them by bringing that fanbase together and having a great time.

Alright, so, tell me more about Lazarus?

We’d be happy to!  Lazarus is the name of our passion project, the event itself, named after (as we’re sure you can guess!) season four’s incredible opening episode.  Our plan is for Lazarus to be a travelling fan event that makes its way across the UK, allowing fans from across the country to come together and immerse themselves in a day of SPN, including cosplay, quizzes, merchandise, karaoke, the opportunity to make a ton of new friends, and more!  We know that event locations can be a major issue for some, so we hope to combat that with this ‘touring’ format.

So where’s Lazarus going to go, exactly?

Oh, the plans we have!  For now, our first location is going to be in the heart of Manchester, and from there we hope to take it south before coming back up north-ways, and so on and so forth. Venues will vary, but we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves!  If you have any suggestions or requests for locations or venues, let us know via our contact page and we’ll gladly check them out 🙂

What does the entry fee go toward?

The entry fee helps us in that with it we can book our venues, give all attendees a personalised entry pack stuffed full of Lazarus goodies, and bring you a better event experience overall.

Any profits we make will go straight back into our events so that we can take future Lazarus events onward and upwards towards bigger, exciting things!

Can I sell merchandise at Lazarus events?

Absolutely!  There’ll be a few spaces for merch stalls per event.  We’ll charge a small amount for stall space and make sure that we approve of what you’re selling, then you’re good to go!  If you’re interested in booking stall space at one of our events, use our contact page to get in touch.

Meet the Team

Name: Jess
Team Position: Event Coordinator & Social Media Manager
About Me: I’m a journalist/singer/writer/gamer with a love for the world of geeky events that is as of a thousand burning suns!
Favourite Episode: Lazarus Rising (surprise surprise!), also Changing Channels, Baby, any Demon!Dean episodes, amongst many others.
Favourite Character: So many, but Cas, Dean or Charlie if I had to choose!  Or just the entire Bunker family, tbh.
Experience in Events: Aside from attending a whole lot of them, I’ve taken courses in event management and work for one of the biggest geek event companies currently working in the UK.
What does Lazarus mean to you?: To me it means giving back to the family that’s given so much to me – friends, life experiences, reasons to get up in the morning! Without them – without you – who knows what I’d be doing right now?  Certainly nothing as amazing as this!

Name: Carrie
Team Position: Gob onna stick, and a crafty bod. Access contact personage and information giver.
About Me: Wobbly old goth with a sieve for a brain. Likes the odd, the bizarre and the strange. Earl grey tea and gin consumer, though not together. Collector of ridiculous Hallowe’en tat, cryptozoological-based toys and geeky memorabilia. Witch, discordian, fortean, GISHer, child and clowder wrangler.
Favourite Episode: The French Mistake (predictable but true!)
Favourite Character: Changes every day (hour?). Argh… you can’t make me choose. Cas(s). No, Crowley. No, wait, Jody. Sam! Dean! Bobby! Oh, Kevin! Donna! Rowena! Samandriel! Yeah, I give up 😉
Experience in Events?: Former long-standing resident and guest DJ at various nights and festivals, all round club promoter and event organiser, covering goth, industrial, rock, weddings and pagan events.
What does Lazarus mean to you?: A chance for an amazing group of fandom friends to celebrate properly and share our love of a brilliant show with like-minded folks. I can’t wait to meet new faces and squee like a crazy person. I’m loving being involved in event planning again after a health hiatus, and can’t wait for Febuary!

Name: Amy
Team Position: Crew member and resident chocoholic!
About Me: I’m a scientist by trade and a (wannabe) professional mini driver with a passion for conventions, cosplay and gaming.  I can normally be found collecting cute things on World of Warcraft or running Pharah or DVa around Overwatch maps.  An obsessive collector of nerdy plushies, postcards and pins who loves to dance (after a drink or two) and sing (without any provocation at all).  I can’t consistently draw, colouring in is more my thing 🙂
Favourite Episode: Mystery Spot, Changing Channels, A Weekend at Bobby’s
Favourite Character: Sam, Bobby, Gabriel
Experience in events: I have no official experience in events but I have been to plenty of them, including Comicons in London and San Diego. I know what I have enjoyed at events in the past and I am hoping to use this experience for the benefit of Lazarus.
What does Lazarus mean to you?: Lazarus has become so much more than a labour of love and seems to have taken on a life of its own. I have met this lovely bunch of ladies and gents through the fandom and it has been daunting, exciting, confusing but overall AMAZING to create this event with them. I am honoured and humbled to be involved in this project … to me Lazarus is freedom, creativity and it is …. our family business ❤

Name: Becky
Team Position: Graphic designer and general optimist/enabler
About Me: Probably should have my life figured out by now, but instead choose to distract myself with too much American TV and an excessive number of conventions. I love cake, art, guinea pigs, Gish and cake. Wait, I said cake.
Favourite episode: The Rapture and Angel Heart (I just love Jimmy), and Changing Channels, of course.
Favourite Character: CAS (one S)
Experience in Events: In a previous life, I was a teacher, and have organised and chaperoned a painful number of school trips and events.
What does Lazarus mean to you: An opportunity to hang out with a whole bunch of people who have at least one thing in common, playing games, singing classic rock and generally being silly. It’s a brief holiday from real life. I’m passionate about this because I have made SO MANY friends through spn, but geography makes it difficult for us to get together – can’t wait for Laz!

Name: D
Team Position: Equality and diversity, and general crafts-wrangler
About Me: I’m a goth trans man with dubious sartorial style who writes horror, dances badly, drinks too much tea, but has great taste in music.
Favourite Episode: Road Trip. Or Sacrifice. Or A Weekend at Bobby’s. I can’t choose…
Favourite Character: Crowley
Experience in Events? Planning, hosting, marketing and DJing alternative club nights.
What does Lazarus mean to you? Our favourite show has not only introduced me to incredible, life-changing characters, but also to incredible, life-changing people who have become the most amazing friends I could ever wish for. Lazarus, to me, is a way for us to get all these friends together for a big party to celebrate our fannish love with hopefully many more fellow SPN Family members whom we’ve yet to meet.

Name: Autumn
Team Position: Volunteer Crew Member and self-appointed Group Listener
About Me: Nocturnal human with a day job who sucks at small-talk but loves to skip straight to things that matter to people. Mysterious behind a curtain of hair, I can often be found surrounded by tiny origami animals, reading something I find beautiful.
Favourite Episode: ‘The French Mistake’. Not very original I know, but I just love it so much.
Favourite Character: I love them all, I’m not choosing and you can’t make me. :-p
Experience in Events: Many years cheerleading (not literally… except that one time) and rabble-rousing.
What does Lazarus mean to you? It’s a really fun thing to do with the (frankly) *incredible* friends I have met through the #SPNFamily, and hopefully a way to meet more wonderful people. I was late to the SPN fandom and I remember watching an old con video with a cast member talking about how thrilled they were to hear that people had met their best friends at SPN conventions/meet-ups, and thinking: ‘There’s no way that happens for everyone though. I doubt it will happen to me.’ I could not have been more wrong, or more glad to be wrong. I love the idea of giving people a place to meet present and future friends, talk, have an awesome time and maybe, just maybe, find a home. ♡

Name: Kate
Team Position: Crew Member & sweet provider
About Me: My day job consists of caring for a whole bunch of animals but I’m secretly a fandom wide enthusiast with a tendency to fall over. A lot.
Favourite Episode: Bad Day at Black Rock, or, First Born.. “Nothing is worth losing you.” *happy sigh*
Favourite Character: Sam. It’s so blatantly Sam, though I LOVE Jody too
Experience in Events? I completed an events management module as part of my extended diploma and organised and ran our own prelim dressage competition at an equestrian centre.
What does Lazarus mean to you? So so much, this fandom has helped me make some of the best friends who truly understand what it is to love a TV show and be invested in the characters. What could be better than helping everyone to have the chance to meet up and find their people too!