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Lazarus London is coming up soon, and we have some news about what’s going to be happening there!

Appearing at our merch stalls will be:

Die Darlings UK – Creator of the Lazarus mascots!  He’ll be bringing a selection of his lovingly created, painstakingly detailed and downright adorable plushies to sell exclusively to Lazarus London attendees!


Happihatsu – A Manchester-based creator of lovely polymer charms, Happihatsu is making some fun Halloween themed charms just for Lazarus attendees!



Amongst our excellent merchandise stalls we will have Rocksalt team member Nat on hand for all your customisation needs. Do you have a fandom shirt or sweater that doesn’t fit, or that you wish were more unique? Bring it by our customisation stall for rough-and-ready modifications such as these!

(‼ In addition to the item to be modded, be sure to bring a vest or thin top you can wear underneath while you are acting as a tailor’s mannequin.)

She will also be doing a customisation workshop during the day for free!

Have a fandom tshirt that turned out to be too big or the wrong shape for you? Bring it along to the workshop and work with Team Rocksalt’s compulsive customizer to cut and tie it into a distinctive top like the one below.

(‼ Please bring: A tshirt to work with and a thin top/vest to wear underneath – you’ll need to put on and take off the top several times during the workshop.)

There’s more in the pipeline, so keep updated via our twitter!

We are also going to be having a #WAYWARDAF photoshoot, so don’t forget to bring along all your Wayward related accoutrements to show off your support for this amazing movement, or to show how excited you are that Wayward Sisters is coming!



We’re currently holding a flash sale – half price on standard tickets for Lazarus London as a gesture to those affected by the recent events surrounding Rogue.  A lot of people have been left in bad positions – we only wish we could do more.  The sale will go for a couple of weeks so grab yours now!


It’s been a while, guys.. but we’re so glad to finally tell you that we’re announcing a new Lazarus event!

LazLon transparent blue

We’re taking Lazarus to the heart of London – Kings Cross to be specific – on October 21st.  Check out the information page to learn more, and grab your tickets to secure your place!


Well, it’s all over… for now!  Lazarus Manchester was a raging success thanks to the efforts of the team and our wonderful attendees.  Check out the LAZARUS MANCHESTER page for a detailed report, including a ton of photos!



The schedule for Lazarus Manchester, for your reading enjoyment 🙂



Just two weeks left to go! Grab your tickets now!



It’s just under a month until our premiere event, Lazarus Manchester!  We’ve got a whole lot of stuff lined up for all our attendees, and we’re so excited!  Tickets are still available, grab yours today!


To celebrate the coming of the new year, we’re offering a discount on tickets!  Enter the code 17FOR17 at checkout to get your discount.  It ends on, you guessed it.. the 17th!


Our access liason Carrie personally went back to Bar 21 to talk to the staff regarding the venue’s lack of wheelchair access, and we’re pleased to say that she and the staff have found what we hope is a workable solution. You can find out about it on our FAQ page, and of course please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

We’ve added a Meet the Team section so you can all find out more about the Rocksalt team –  go check it out!

It’s Halloween!  For a limited time only, we’re offering a 10% off discount code for anyone who sends us a photo of their SPN themed Halloween activities, whether it’s dressing up as a character or carving a themed pumpkin!  Tweet your photos to @rocksalt_events, comment on our facebook post or send them to our tumblr, rocksaltevents – even if you don’t need the code, we’d love to see your photos!


Rocksalt Events are extremely excited to present Lazarus Manchester, the first in a series of fan events based on that one cult show about the supernatural that we plan to take on tour across the UK!  Find out more about Lazarus here.  Tickets are available for purchase here.  They’re limited, so get in there quick, but PLEASE read the FAQ before purchasing!